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hpalternity's Journal

Alternity: A Harry Potter Role Playing Game
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A Harry Potter alternate universe RPG.
ALTERNITY is a Harry Potter roleplaying game, set in an alternate universe where Lord Voldemort has the upper hand.

As a result of one tiny change back when it all started, Harry Potter has been raised as Harry Marvolo, the Dark Lord's adoptive son and heir apparent. He simultaneously loathes and is intrigued by the Mudbloods and Muggles that are interned in work camps throughout Great Britain. He knows nothing of the world beyond the United Kingdom's seemingly impenetrable wards. And he is about to start attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... where he will encounter truths about his past, present, and future that he has never known before.

In a new initiative by the Voldemort-controlled Ministry of Magic, all members of the Wizarding World are given access to LiveJournal-like journals. The Death Eaters believe that these journals will allow them to spy on the public; the Order of the Phoenix, however, has discovered a way to lock their entries to other Order members, keeping everyone else out. Furthermore, Fred and George Weasley have created their own lock, inspired by the Marauders Map, allowing their friends to communicate secretly to each other through the journals.

The reader discussion community is alt_fen; recaps of the week's threads appear there on a regular basis. To get caught up, you can start with our intro for non-Potterites (and brush up on the Harry Potter characters), try Previously On Alternity: Year 1, Autumn Term, and then fill out your understanding with the rest of the recap posts.

If you're looking to read the RPG, one good way to do it is to read alt_player's friends list (which includes both all the Alternity RP journals, the community, and alt_fen posts) or alt_player's "not alt_fen" public friendsgroup (which includes all the Alternity RP journals and the community but not alt_fen).

ALTERNITY is a nocturne_alley style roleplaying game, meaning that we do not post chat logs - we allow only true journal entries and the occasional letter, photo manipulation, etc. We are playing in real time: that is, if it is September 1 in real life, it is also September 1 in the game. Time stamps on comments may or may not be accurate - we'll do our best, but we are all on different timezones, and therefore a time stamp may occasionally not reflect the reality of when the comment was posted "in-world."

Casting is currently open; you apply to be a part of the game, and then we decide which characters you'll play. To apply, check out our casting call.